The Zen Way: how meditation and mindfulness can help you!

streamDo you find your thoughts running away with you?
Is there not enough time in the day?
Would you like more ease in your relationships?
Do you simply wish that life could flow a little better?

It sounds like you could do with introducing some Zen to your world!

The Zen tradition has been around for thousands of years, with its roots in Buddhist monastic practice. Its journey began in India, before travelling to China, then Japan and gradually over to the West. Its ancient techniques are tried and tested, honed to perfection through generations of experiential teaching.

With practice, Zen meditation provides you with a space to see things from new perspectives and to build a better connection with yourself and those around you. It teaches you to appreciate whatever exists in any given moment; encourages acceptance, empathy, gratitude and contributes to a greater sense of calm and contentment.

Many people come to Zen as a way to escape the many stresses of modern life. It teaches you that stress is a lens through which you choose to see a given situation. If you can learn to change your relationship with stressful situations and become skilled in techniques that allow you to adapt and modify your behaviour accordingly, you will be surprised at how easily your stress begins to dissipate.

This really isn’t rocket science. Peace and serenity are not elusive gifts of temperament that some people are born with whilst remaining unattainable to others. Instead they are behaviours that can be learned, honed and developed by anyone and everyone at any stage of life.

Zen meditation and mindfulness will bring you more than just a brief moment of calm, it will open your eyes to a whole new way of being, and encourage greater contentment, wisdom and enrichment to your world.


Be Zen. Be You.

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