Reclaim your calm – Tip 5

Stretch5) Have a good stretch!

Introducing some mindful stretching or movement to your day can work wonders for settling the body and mind. It is important to work well within what is comfortable for you. The key is to really pay attention to the body and to develop awareness.

Perhaps begin by working with the arms – on an in-breath, very slowly, very mindfully, raise your right arm in front of you, up to around shoulder height, if that is comfortable for you. Whilst the arm is moving, really pay attention to the sensations in the muscles, notice what is happening to your breath, how does the arm feel? When you are ready, on the out-breath, very slowly, gently, start to lower the arm back down to come to rest freely at your side. Feel the sensations change as you do this, paying close attention to what is happening with your body and breath.

Now, you can repeat this movement with the left arm. Keeping the movement slow and mindful at all times. Working in the same way with the in and out breaths.

Perhaps finish the sequence by working with both arms at the same time.

If you wish, repeat the whole cycle up to five more times.

At the end of your mindful movement practice, take a few moments to allow your body and breath to settle. Notice any sensations of feelings that may be happening.

As part of the courses I teach, we explore mindful movement practices in more detail.


Be Zen. Be You.

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