Pippa Craggs Mindfulness and Meditation

Monthly classes

You may wish to develop your practice in a regular group setting.

Monthly practice classes are currently on hold.

Please contact me to register your place.

Monthly ‘practice’ classes are open to students who have completed the 8-week course(s). Newcomers are also very welcome should you wish to find out more about meditation and mindfulness and get a flavour for the style of meditation I teach.

Many students find it hugely beneficial to continue to practise regularly with a group. Not only does this provide motivation for keeping your practice going beyond the end of the course, but also our learning never ends – we are all students of life! Practising with a group allows us to continue to grow and learn from each other, providing ongoing support and encouragement as we develop our practice.

During these sessions we will review many of the practices learned as part of the 8-week course(s). The sessions also provide an opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of the principles of meditation and mindfulness and to share your experiences and questions with others in a supportive group setting.


Questions about meditation and mindfulness?