Get relaxation ready!

Idyllic tropical bech and palm treeTough day at work? In need of a holiday?

Why not introduce a mini retreat to your daily routine?

As little as 30 minutes of meditation a day can significantly reduce your levels of stress.

Time and space for you to unwind and relax does not have to be an occasional luxury. You deserve to be happy, calm and stress-free in your daily life, not just whilst you are on holiday.

In this busy world we live in, it’s all too easy to put off much needed downtime in our rush to complete the next task in hand – telling yourself you are ‘too busy’, or you have ‘more important things to do’.

Has relaxation become something else on the ‘to do’ list that’s more easily managed by cramming it all in in one go with one big yearly holiday?!

Extended time to switch off and unwind, absolutely, is important, but so too is regular downtime to replenish your resources. And, just imagine how chilled you’ll be when you arrive in your chosen holiday destination if you have a head start on relaxation, rather than spending the first few days remembering how to switch off! In the same way that you wouldn’t attempt a marathon without training, why not reach peak relaxation fitness by getting your mind in stress-free condition before you go….

Research tells us that people with a regular Zen meditation and mindfulness practice are more confident, relaxed, satisfied, conscientious and less anxious than their non-meditating peers. You, too, can reap these benefits.

Giving yourself permission for a bit of ‘me time’ and investment in your personal wellbeing is beneficial to both yourself and to those around you. Give it a go – 30 minutes each day is all it takes – then step back and enjoy the ripple effect…

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Be Zen. Be You.

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