Mindful musicianship

Do musicians have a natural affinity with mindfulness, I wonder?

Certainly I can see that many of the skills needed to excel at an instrument draw parallels with meditation: awareness, attention to detail, repetition, patience, practice, perseverance.

And of course, observation – detached observation – always a tricky one, emotions arise and pass during meditation just as frequently as during music practice, when those fiddly technical passages simply refuse to fall under the fingers no matter how many times you try!

Dealing with states of stress. Performance anxiety is something musicians of all levels have to deal with. From stage fright, to exam nerves through to knowing your next booking is dependent on how well this performance goes – it can all be frightening stuff. That said, we can all relate to feelings of anxiety and stress in our everyday lives.

Understanding and becoming aware of how stress affects you and learning to change your relationship with it is a very powerful tool.

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Image courtesy of Jordan Mixson at https://unsplash.com/


Be Zen. Be You.

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