Pippa Craggs Mindfulness and Meditation


pippa“I’m a great believer in self-development and am constantly inspired by the human ability to adapt and grow.”

I truly believe that each of us can become far more than we realise. My personal meditation practice, as well as my training as a reiki therapist and a kinesiology practitioner, has deepened my experience and awareness of our innate ability to ‘get to know’ and understand our own body and what contributes to a greater sense of wellbeing, vitality and spiritual connection.

Health problems, relationships, bereavements, workplace restructurings – like you, I, too, am riding the emotional rollercoaster that is life! Through regular practice, meditation and mindfulness simply help me to find an easier place in the world.

Plus, it’s proven! The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are well researched and documented. I spent three years working in the NHS, alongside cardiologists, psychologists and respiratory physicians at University Hospitals Bristol, investigating the effects of mindfulness in patients with chronic heart conditions.

My training as a teacher in the Rinzai Zen tradition of meditation enables me to share with you the simple, yet deeply profound, techniques that are as relevant today as when they were first taught many centuries ago. Techniques that can be applied very practically to everyday life and not just the meditation cushion.

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Life is a gift – a series of unique moments.
Meditation and mindfulness will teach you to be present and truly alive to each one.”

Pippa Craggs