Reclaim your calm – Tip 2

cup of tea2) Make a mindful cuppa

Allow yourself a few moments for a mindful tea break. Really make the most of this moment by paying careful attention to the very act of making your cup of tea. Sounds silly? Bear with me. For example, notice the look and feel of your mug in your hand, pay attention as you move your arm to gently place your mug on the counter. As you mindfully turn on the tap, hear the sound of the running water and notice how the weight of the kettle changes as you lift it up, fill it with water and return it to the counter. Feel the touch of the tea bag as you carefully, mindfully, place it in your mug. Listen to the sound of the boiling kettle (perhaps notice how you are standing, or focus on your breath in your abdomen as you wait for the kettle to click), watch the steam rise and really pay attention to the act of pouring the water onto your teabag – what do you hear, see, smell?

It may seem a little strange to start with, but just approaching an everyday activity in this new way, will bring you out of your head and right into the present moment again, allowing you a moment to re-fresh, re-ground and re-focus before continuing with the task in hand.

You’ll learn more about bringing meditation and mindfulness to your everyday activities as part of the courses I teach. Check out my website for details about forthcoming dates.

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